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Market Technologies Re-Launches Corporate Website

Wesley Chapel, FL, August 17, 2007 — Louis B. Mendelsohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, announced today that Market Technologies, LLC, a privately-held, Inc. 500, trading software company has re-launched its corporate website at .

This latest new version of the website, first launched ten years ago, now offers new educational information and materials highlighting the importance of intermarket analysis in today’s highly volatile, global financial markets. The site’s main purpose is to educate individual traders about the increasing globalization of the financial markets, their interconnectedness, and the critical importance of utilizing the right technical analysis trading tools to capture these interconnections and provide useful predictive information and insight about each of the markets affected.

Additionally, the site is designed to inform both novice and more experienced traders about the features and benefits of Market Technologies’ flagship trading software program, VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software, first introduced in 1991.  Today, the latest version of VantagePoint is recognized as the premier trading tool in the financial industry that performs intermarket analysis on global financial markets using an artificial intelligence technology known as neural networks which finds hidden patterns and relationships within global market data.

VantagePoint helps traders all over the world identify potentially lucrative trading opportunities in various global markets and forecasts market trend direction and directional changes in advance with nearly 80% predictive accuracy. This documented record of achievement at market forecasting has been realized through decades of research and development by Mr. Mendelsohn and his research team, the Predictive Technologies Group. Now, this information is used by VantagePoint customers all over the world to enhance their trading plans and strategies from an intermarket perspective, so that they can trade more effectively and successfully, with less emotional involvement, in today’s highly volatile and risky, global financial markets.

Visitors to the new site can request up-to-date market predictions of individual markets within nineteen different market complexes covering all major Futures, Commodities, Forex pairs, ETFs and individual Stock categories covering more than two hundred global markets that can be tracked and updated daily by VantagePoint customers. 

The new site also provides an extensive overview of the key features and benefits of VantagePoint, its ease of use, and tips on how to trade with it. The site also includes comments regarding customer experiences with the software, category pricing information, industry reviews of the latest version of VantagePoint, and a tutorial video with actual customer testimonials about VantagePoint.

Visitors to the new website can also browse through an enormous collection of published information authored by Mr. Mendelsohn, where an extensive library of his articles, book contributions, live television interviews, and public speeches on the application of personal computers to the financial markets, spanning the past quarter-century, are now available on-line.  His contributions to technical analysis are so extensive that, in this latest version of the website, they have been organized and arranged by subject matter for easy viewing.

Additionally, the new site includes extensive background information on Market Technologies since its founding in 1979. This information includes an historical company overview, a current news and press release page, and a testimonials page from industry leaders and actual VantagePoint customers. “We are extremely proud of our new site,” said Mr. Mendelsohn. “We strive to provide important, relevant information on our site to both current VantagePoint software customers and others who are interested in becoming affiliated with Market Technolgies so that they can improve their trading performance by incorporating intermarket analysis into their trading plans.”

About Market Technologies Headquartered in Tampa Bay since its founding in 1979, with trading software customers in more than 80 countries worldwide, Market Technologies is a fast growing, Inc. 500 company and recognized world leader in the application of personal computers to the financial markets. Market Technologies licenses proprietary trend forecasting and market timing technologies that utilize artificial intelligence applied to intermarket analysis, in order to forecast various commodity and financial markets throughout the world. These presently include stocks, stock indexes, ETFs, energies, interest rates, currencies, metals, grains, meats, softs and Forex, covering a total of more than 200 global markets.