VantagePoint Software Highlighted on Entrepreneur Podcast Network

EPN logoWesley Chapel, FL, June 29 2017 – When it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit, perhaps no story is better than that of Louis Mendelsohn and his creation of the AI trading software VantagePoint.

Since the late 1970’s, trading software pioneer Louis Mendelsohn, has been making a name for himself and his company in the FinTech space. VantagePoint Trading Software, the world leading market forecasting software, utilizes a proprietary process that applies deep learning using Neural Networks to predict short-term market movements up to three-days in advance with remarkable accuracy of up to 86%.

To date, the trading software company has helped nearly 25,000 traders in more than 114 countries. “Success is not just about the money, however” says Vice Preseident Lane Mendelsohn. “Sure, our customers love the financial rewards that come with trading. They tell us exciting stories about how they have so much more free time they can spend with their family, how they’ve contributed to charities in their communities and how they’ve been able to help their grandchildren attend college with profits realized through their use of our trading software”.

As for the future, the sky is the limit. Artificial intelligence is becoming a more integral part of our daily lives which will steer even more traders to recognize how advanced tools such as VantagePoint can help them gain a real financial edge in the markets.

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About Market Technologies. Founded by Louis B. Mendelsohn in 1979, Market Technologies is an Inc. 500 company headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. It is the recognized global leader in market trend forecasting with customers in well over a hundred countries worldwide. Market Technologies develops proprietary trend forecasting and market timing technologies that utilize artificial intelligence and intermarket analysis to forecast commodity and financial markets throughout the world. These include, but are not limited to, stocks, stock indices, ETFs, energies, interest rates, currencies, metals, grains, meats, softs, and Forex, all covering more than 2600 world markets.