VantagePoint Software Launches New Blog

Wesley Chapel, FL, May 19, 2015 – Blogs are a popular tool used for staying in touch with customers as well as educating potential customers about the uniqueness of a product or service.  VantagePoint Software has recently launched a new blog that will act as an educational resource for traders of all levels.

“We know that traders are always looking for information that can give them a leg up in the markets,” says Lane J. Mendelsohn, Vice President for VantagePoint Software, “We hope that by sharing industry news, actionable trading strategies and a behind the scenes look at how our software can give traders an edge in the markets, that we can become a trusted resource in the industry.”

The blog also features weekly videos that show recent market forecasts from VantagePoint Software which uses intermarket analysis techniques. This resource will help traders identify solid trading opportunities as well as make better entry and exit points. The power of VantagePoint is that it uses neural networks to comb through gigabytes of global intermarket data, compares that financial data to both current and historical financial data, and then creates leading technical indicators that forecast future trend directions and prices up to two days in advance. Independent testing has shown VantagePoint’s predictive accuracy as high as 87.4%.

New posts will be added to the blog twice a week and will supplement the company’s efforts on Facebook and Twitter.  Each post contains a star rating system that allows users to rate the content from awful to excellent, as well as a comment section where users are encouraged to ask questions and make requests for upcoming topics. “We want to provide content that traders will find useful and by giving them a platform that allows them to tell us what they think and what they want to hear about next, well that’s just really empowering the customer” says Mendelsohn.

About VantagePoint Software

Developed by Louis B. Mendelsohn in 1991, VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software is the recognized global leader in market trend forecasting with customers in well over a hundred countries worldwide. The software utilizes artificial intelligence and intermarket analysis to forecast commodity and financial markets throughout the world. These include, but are not limited to, stocks, stock indices, ETFs, energies, interest rates, currencies, metals, grains, meats, softs, and Forex, all covering more than 2600 world markets.