Market Technolgoeis Announces VantagePoint for Windows Release

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Market Technologies Announces VantagePoint for Windows Release

Wesley Chapel, FL, November 23, 1998 — Louis B. Mendelsohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, announced the release of the latest version of Market Technologies’ Intermarket Analysis software program: VantagePoint for Windows. The program, first released in 1991, predicts next day prices and short term market trends for twenty-one actively traded futures markets including interest rates, currencies, energies, and stock indices.

To date there have been numerous revisions to VantagePoint, as Mr. Mendelsohn and his research team have continued to improve its predictive accuracy. According to Mr. Mendelsohn “VantagePoint for Windows represents the biggest jump in VantagePoint’s history, both in terms of its performance and handling”. Building on its Windows 95/98 32-bit architecture, VantagePoint for Windows sets the foundation for Market Technologies to “move forward into the new millennium” with an intermarket analysis platform and capabilities never before seen in VantagePoint.

According to Mr. Mendelsohn this release of VantagePoint for Windows is “in keeping with our long term commitment to our current customers who have helped Market Technologies grow and continue to forge ahead with its R&D program”. Mendelsohn indicates that in his opinion “VantagePoint will never be 100% accurate in its predictions, since there are unforeseen events and random phenomena which are inherent in the financial markets no matter what”. In his opinion, “no one will ever be able to predict the financial markets with greater than 80-85% predictive accuracy”.

Currently, VantagePoint’s accuracy statistics, according to Mendelsohn, based on Market Technologies’ proprietary training and testing protocol, ranges from 71-78% depending on which market and prediction is involved. This puts Market Technologies “within fighting distance” of achieving an accuracy level of 80%, according to Mendelsohn.

Market Technologies is a world pioneer in technical analysis and market timing software. Founded in 1979 by Mr. Mendelsohn, with customers in more than thirty countries worldwide, Market Technologies has developed a proprietary market timing technology that utilizes neural networks and intermarket analysis to forecast twenty-one financial markets, including interest rates, stock indices, currencies, and the energy complex.