Before using VantagePoint, I searched around a lot for good trades. VantagePoint is now continuously filling up my watch list with equities promising excellent results. Testing out VP to see if it held water, here is what happened in just 5 days of paper trading: Out of 17 trades, 2 stocks were up 10% (AN, JCI); 6 stocks raised more than 5% (CELG (8%), NVDA (8%), NOC (7%), SNDK (6%), NTAP (6%), TYC (5%)); 5 stocks went up 4% (AAPL, HXL , IR, CME, DIA) and 4 stocks made gains between 1 and 3% (UNP (3%), FDX (3%), GOOGL (2%), CVC (1%)). Because I am usually using call options, my total profit on each of these trades was actually in the double and triple digits. VantagePoint is also a tool that allows me not only to gain stellar profits but even more importantly, reduces the risk to my capital and helps preserve what I’ve got.