I have been studying and planning to trade since May 2016. I was struggling through an economic crisis and job recession in Brazil. With the same mindset that I used to analyze trading platforms, I could see VantagePoint software was the best tool to help a starter like me who didn´t have any financial trading background at all. That being said, I purchased VantagePoint to open my horizon in a new market.

The customer experience has been impressive in all aspects of technical interaction and human relationship in a friendly and professional way. The customer support was very helpful in getting the software installed and operating in minutes. As a beginner, VantagePoint is easy to use because of its simple and intuitive graphical user interface. It also has a help menu with a database of answers that I needed to know to better understand the technical and trading concepts. The main characteristic I liked was how powerful VantagePoint was in pointing out in seconds what it takes to trade accordingly through my own personal ambition and behavior.

I will be able to use the profits to invest back into my life which offers happiness all the time.