I retired five years ago after 35 years in public education. Since then, I have enjoyed my grand-daughters, as well as an occasional round of golf with my brother and friends. My wife continues working and probably, to some extent, has a mild resentment to my free time. I would love for her to be able to retire soon, so we could spend more time with these precious grand-daughters and be able to travel more. I have also enjoyed dabbling in real estate and trying my hand at Forex trading the last seven years. Both of these ventures require much of my time with minimal success. My Forex over the last 7 years has been, for the most part;hit and miss. Building, interpreting and trading from my own charts with so-called expert advice was extremely frustrating and with limited success. With this frustration, my trading decreased each year, as did my profits. I knew there had to be a proven system to ensure profitable trades. Recently I decided to research proven trading plans. After responding to a VantagePoint ad on a trading website, I became intrigued by a vehicle which appeared to be what I needed to become a successful trader. I was most impressed with charts that had already been designed by knowledgeable professionals based on years of sound research. I have faith and confidence in the VantagePoint system. My paper trading in Forex has been considerably more profitable than I’ve ever experienced. The training provided by VP is impeccable. I now have the confidence that my charts and reports are all based on the latest news and market research. I look forward to more quality time with family and more time with my buddies on the golf course. But most of all, I look forward to my wife’s retirement, time with family and more travel. Thank you VantagePoint!