“VantagePoint Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Software is by far the most reliable trend predicting product on the market today. My investment into the VantagePoint family is long term because of their Policies, Procedures, Technical Support Team, Research and Quality Assurance. This is the core and reason of my success today using VantagePoint Software. My confidence has increased exponentially due to their Technical Support Teams personalities, levels of intelligence, patience and respect. There is no intimidation or embarrassment to ask simple questions knowing that there is no measurement of one’s overall intelligence. The ambition of the VantagePoint family to improve their service, consistency and Intellectual property, have increased my trading profits over and above the cost of the program including IntelliScans and Indicators.

VantagePoint University coaching program illustrates the benefits of the IntelliScan Indicators in a learning-friendly classroom. Once you start auditing classes and understand the values of each, you will want to continue to invest knowing that forgiving any investment that is collated to this software, will pay for itself and increase your return on the investment many times over.

The value and measurement of VantagePoint software is not limited to making profits. It is the Mission statement of the company and if it can be supported over the long term. VantagePoint has passed my test. Branding, Vision, Core Values and Goals. I will continue to use and promote this exceptional company.” – Barney G.