“I have run out of money- I did not lose it but I found good places to invest it.  I used to spend 4 to 5 hours a day looking for good opportunities to invest.  Even in this fantastic market but with limited tools it was difficult to find good places to invest my money.  With your help and a few changes to my scan,  I have been able to find more opportunities in 5 minutes or less than I used to find in 5 hours. And by using the charts I have been able to clean house of several investments I should not have been in.  After cleaning house I was able to get into several better investments. I am a teacher by trade and use a lot of analogies to explain things…..  The market is like a lot of haystacks and in each haystack, there are several needles. Intelliscan not only finds the right haystack but find the needle also. A great time-saving tool.”

Bill H. 12/12/2019