I purchased VantagePoint 16 months ago. I have been trading my own savings for about 20 years. I have studied the strategies of several effective traders and have learned a great deal from them, in particular the options strategies which have provided me a consistent income stream for a number of years. Other strategies including volume analysis, wave theory and several strategies based on trend analysis (identifying support, resistance, trends, etc.) were also valuable. Everything I’ve learned from the traders I’ve studied has been very good – each one has given me some additional insight that has made me more effective and everything I’ve learned I’ve been able to blend in seamlessly with VantagePoint. After purchasing the VantagePoint software, I was slow in integrating it into my trading strategy. The instructional videos offered by VantagePoint are outstanding – I viewed most of them and many of them several times. Over time I’ve integrated VantagePoint data into my decision process. For me, VantagePoint still isn’t a investment tool, but an important core source of information that I’m integrating into my trading. Many of the insights and tools I’ve learned from some of the outstanding traders (e.g., DavidWeiss/Weiss Wave, Gary Dayton, etc.) are still of significant use for me. The strongest contribution of VantagePoint in my trading is the use of the Neural Index and the short/medium/long term crossover patterns to support entry and stop/loss decisions. These signals make sense and have helped me be more systematic/logical in making those entry/exit decisions. The Intelliscan componenet is a superior tool – it’s used to screen for a few top candidates so you are not aimlessly fishing in a huge ocean hoping you’ll snag a candidate – the screen takes away the frustration of aimlessly searching for viable investment ideas. If you like to use the RSI, MACD, Candlesticks, Stochastics, or William’s sentiment and Accumulation data then those are all available as well as a number of different ways to look at moving averages. Support for VantagePoint is exceptional – they are knowledgeable and there’s rarely any wait to contact a technician. I highly recommend VantagePoint. A caveat is that you need to spend several days just learning the software and the principles driving the investment theory. As with any good trading software, there are nuances and skills that need to be applied in order to make good buy/sell decisions.