I started out in the stock market 7 years ago and over time have lost a good deal of money.  With the help of VantagePoint I am slowly turning my luck around. It may take a few years to get out of this mess, providing the stock market doesn’t have a global melt down. No one person can analyze and predict this global stock market, it is simply too complex. There are many programs out there that claim to do stock analysis, I don’t know about them but I do know about VantagePoint. VantagePoint is slowly helping me recover the money I have lost over the years.  I totally agree with the testimonies other people have left here about VantagePoint. Yes you will have down days but there will be many more up days and if you are patient and trust the indicators within VantagePoint to make smart trades, you will be successful and make money.  My advice to traders would be to buy VantagePoint – don’t get too greedy or anxious, wait until VantagePoint indicates a good buy or sell, and you will make money. The software is simple and you will not regret buying it.