I have gone through a whole gamut of stock advisory services trying to trade stock and options. I was always behind at spotting market moves and some moves have ended before I noticed them using traditional financial news sources. I lacked a definite market direction prediction edge. VantagePoint Software gives me a tool to predict market direction. I am thrilled by my experience and results with VantagePoint so far. Since the time of purchase, I had ample guidance through all stages like the installation of the software, training, support and a genuine will by the customer service to make me succeed. VantagePoint does not just sell a software and let their customer waddle through the swamp alone after the sale! I learned a lot about swing trade confirmation color codes, neural index, intelliscan and an incredible array of functionalities that I once thought were only available to the elites of Wall Street. My conviction trades are few and are making sense and profit now that I have a sound trading signal confirmation and support from the VantagePoint software.