I’ve been very pleased with my results trading stocks and ETFs using VantagePoint. I decided to go with this software package because I am currently following two other traders’ advice and learning a lot from them. One is a day trader and the other is a position trader, and between the two, I was doing nicely. Then within the same month, they each had heart surgery, and it made me think that being dependent on individuals didn’t bode well for my future, since I’m still learning to be a full time trader. I decided to accelerate my learning on my own, while becoming less dependent on anyone else, thus my purchase of VantagePoint. I had a system in place within my brokerage account which I was using to determine which stocks to buy and when, but admittedly I was using lagging indicators, and I was either getting into positions late or selling early, which had caused me to miss some nice moves. Since I’ve been using VantagePoint, I am now doing better in my trading because I’m more confident with my picks and their timing. I wholeheartedly recommend VantagePoint to other traders to increase their percentage of making winning trades. As impressive as the software is, I’m even more impressed with the follow-up by my Account Manager, Heather, as well as the other staff that I’ve spoken to. Heather has made sure that I know how to use the software efficiently, and my two other calls to Technical Service were answered succinctly and competently. There are a number of trading software based programs that one can choose from, however a key factor to consider is the after-purchase support. I don’t know about the others, but I do know that VantagePoint’s is first class, thorough, and effective.