I am a new user to VantagePoint software and in just a few months it has dramatically changed the way that I trade. Over the past few years I have gone the path of looking to trade on smaller and smaller intraday time frames, buying one hot trade indicator or system after another. I had forgotten the benefits of swing and position trading and had become married to my computer on my days off. After several months of evaluation and checking the charts that VantagePoint sent me I purchased the ETF, US stock sectors and the futures indices sections. With the help of your support and excellent chart examples I have begun to take longer end of day swing trades and am learning to monitor my pension portfolio of ETF’s. I have found the accuracy of the predictive ranges to be as stated. While I know the recent volatility in the markets will continue as interest rates rise, I am no longer a buy and hold, or as it had become a buy and pray investor. I now have a trade plan in place to use the medium term swings to safeguard my positions and take profits along the way. VantagePoint gives me a clear picture of where to buy and place stops or exit. In addition to trading ETFs I am learning to swing trade the Forex markets for diversification. I never would have considered anything more than a scalp trade in forex without your software. The intermarket analysis in the Forex trades is essential and the software makes the analysis simple. The VantagePoint software was easy to install, setup and use. The indicators are clear to interpret and provide short, medium and longer term perspectives to guide my trades. I am looking forward to adding more futures to my trading and investigate using seasonality to filter my trades. The possibilities are endless! I would recommend VantagePoint to anyone that is serious about investing and taking control of their lives back from staring at the monitors.