I’ve used a LOT of signals services and software over the years, and have had some minor successes, but I generally got stuck with some trades that just simply went the wrong way and it generally wiped out the good positions leaving me with peanuts. I started using Vantage Point and my profits and win-rate has gone from 62% up to 69% and the confidence it gives me allows me to make larger trades and bolder moves. The greatest feature in Vantage Point for me is the Neural Index, the predicted market movement has helped me get out of some trades, even though they seemed to be doing good at the time, I closed them out and wound up with a 20% profit, instead of a 5% and eventual 0% that the change would have caused in that trade. I’d definitely recommend Vantage Point for any new traders as well as old traders. It makes it so easy! I used to spend around 5 hours daily scouring charts and looking for setups. Now with Vantage Point it only takes me about an hour or so!

I’ve also had some very good success with my account manager Josh, he’s great and always available and willing to help. I’ve gone from making roughly enough to break even and have an extra dinner a two per month to making enough to pay the bills and have some extras. I’m looking forward to being able to take that nice Christmas vacation Vantage Point is helping to fund.