I initially purchased VantagePoint because I had been floundering in the market for some time. My trading success was inconsistent at best. While discussing the predictive power of the software with Paul I thought that it would fit with my conservative style. The customer support has been outstanding. I try not to bug them too often and attempt to answer my own questions. All my questions have been answered promptly and in a manner that even I can understand. My experience has been better than I had expected. I haven’t jumped in too aggressively, but every trade I have made while using the software has been a winner to this point. I have an average of $1000.00 gain per trade so far. I am only doing one trade per week to this point, but plan to increase that frequency as I continue to become more familiar with using the software. In the short time since I purchased VantagePoint I have made enough to more than pay for the purchase price, but I have BIG PLANS for the profits moving forward. Since I am retired, and have always wanted to, I think I’ll travel and see the world.