Using the software for just 16 days now (real trading), I have had a great experience! With your very valuable help and guidance, I have increased my small trading account by 35.2%. What a return! And, I have never committed more that 40% of my capital at one time.

I have made 7 trades advised by the software and 4 on my own. With some wins and losses in futures and a couple of losses in equities ($800 total loss – still in play), the total capital in my account is now up by the 35.2% total. I exited two futures trades early this morning for a whopping 85% (approx) total gain, bringing the account to where it is now. While the software advises that the trend will likely continue for these two futures I chose to take profits early as, considering my small account balance, they were just too important to ignore.

My plan going forward is to continue to look for new entry points into futures as well as stock options using VantagePoint to help guide me. By adding some capital into my account later this year, along with these and possible future gains, I hope to bring my account to a larger balance very soon. With a larger account balance I will gain the ability to commit more capital to more trades and to stay in them longer.

I bought this software on a bit of an impulse and I’m glad I did. Your help has been invaluable to me in getting started. You really opened my eyes to the value of leveraged positions. Thank you very much. Obviously, the investment has already brought a great return.  I’ll be buying more markets as time goes by.

Dale M.