I can`t thank the support staff at VantagePoint enough for all their assistance. Any time I have had questions they have been patient and courteous and most of all helpful. The software has been instrumental in helping me make confident trades without having to worry about taking big losses when the markets seem so unpredictable. You can customize your portfolios to fit the criteria that is most important to you for making the right choices on when to buy and when to sell. It really saves me time and most important of all it makes me money. For years I was following the advice of brokers and different investment strategies that was letting them make just as much money off my investments as I was. That is primarily one of the biggest reasons I chose to invest in VantagePoint because it has allowed me to make my own choices and keep all the profits for myself. You can make fast and predictable trades by using the indicators that the software provides. Within the last three months I have been able to average between a 12 to 20 percent profit margin on almost 90 percent of my investments.