I guess you’re reading this because you’re considering buying VantagePoint. Of course, the program is the key feature, but maybe what some people don’t consider so much and which I regard of equal if not greater importance, is the support service that the company’s offers. If you’re already a successful trader then you either don’t need the product or you just want to make even greater profits and are looking for that edge, then you don’t need any encouragement from me. Just buy VantagePoint. It won’t disappoint you. I am wanting to write to people like me, people who have suffered significant losses, who know in their gut that they can trade better; who spend countless hours troweling the web, attending webinars, downloading all sorts of free information; constantly looking for that one thing that will make them more consistent: – a holy grail of technical analysis. And is VantagePoint that?? Maybe. It IS a unique product! It will predict the market with 87.4% accuracy. This is rare and there is no product I know of that will offer you that guarantee. Then why only maybe? The tool is only as good as the end user. What I am about to say you’ve heard countless times before from successful and bogus traders alike. This time I would like you to really hear it, not just the words. Let it sink in. It is your fear, your desire, your doubt, your hesitation, your impulsiveness that stops you from getting in when you should; that gets you in when you shouldn’t; that keeps you in longer than you should; or prematurely exits you from a winning position. What makes a good trader is not the tool but your ability to use it consistently AND with confidence. It’s this that makes the support team at VantagePoint second to none. Okay, they’re not psychologists, but they are totally accessible and will respond to all your trading needs. They will fill in your knowledge gaps, correct your mistakes, give you expert advice on how to maximize your use of the product, help you find that much needed confidence and consistency you really need to make the tool work for you. They will hang in there in your dark moments, analyze what went wrong and how to correct it and celebrate your victories. I highly recommend the excellent support team at VantagePoint if you want to become the trader you know in your heart you are.