I have only had VantagePoint for a month, but I have already made two profitable trades, and I have begun to realize that the software is going to be helpful in the coming months. I have several positions that I have held for too long, and I believe I will be in a better position to liquidate these holdings and build a portfolio that is really working for me and profitable; because of the information that the VantagePoint software provides me. I bought VantagePoint with very little cash in my account to invest, less than $1000 dollars. So far I am still confident that VantagePoint was a worthwhile investment and it will pay for itself. Marcos was my initial contact with VantagePoint, and he outlined the strengths of the software. Jason was named my account manager for the first 6 months, and he has helped me organize the software. He has been helpful and walked me through the set-up process from the beginning. Jason has also forwarded a host of educational videos that have been helpful. Navigating the software is much easier with someone like Jason only a phone call away.