As a private trader and investor from Switzerland. I want to further my funds for my retirement. I searched to diversify my investment risks by using 3 different strategies. First I am investing in shares of small cap biotech and other hightech companies. Second I have shares in gold, silver and uranium to have some commodities. For the 3rd strategy, I tried to follow investment letters. But then I found VantagePoint Software. This allows me to choose myself the shares to be invested in, but VantagePoint gives me a good choice of companies that is derived in a totally different way. The ETF’s help to identify the bigger picture of trends. The past 3 months have shown me, that this software investment was much better than any investment letter. Although the price seemed high at first, today I can state that I have already gained back more than the cost of the software. My aim to have a totally different strategy that still brings profit, is fulfilled. Before, I hardly had followed the large capital companies, VantagePoint does this for me now. It is easy to use and within 20 minutes daily, I have a total oversight over new signals from several hundred assets. Finally I was very pleased with the very friendly and helpful software support, when my windows broke down. I can recommend this software to any serious trader.