I’ve been a day trader and a short term swing trader for the last 30 years and I’ll tell you I was searching for 30 years for a program that will help me predict the future. I spent thousands of dollars on different types of software and none of them even close to VantagePoint. I was shocked from the confidence ability of the software to correctly predict the future with 85-95% accuracy on trends changing/reversals with no delay like any other moving average or system in the market! The program also uses fundamentals, technical and correlating, in different markets to predict the future with so much accuracy! Since 2010 I just gained profits almost on a daily basis with very few losses. I have become a very successful trader from the confidence that I got from the future range of my daily trading. Also the software helped me tremendously with the future trend reversals with my swing trading. No one can predict what the markets will do tomorrow or in 2-3 days with so much accuracy as VantagePoint! Thank you Paul for leading the way! Thank you Jason especially for your patience with me and your great technical support 24/7 with tremendous knowledge on the trading side of the program. Your tech ability to solve any issues on my computers/laptops is vital and without you I would have been lost. You guys never let me down and have always been on my side over the last 5 years. With your software and tech support I am earning far more money in the futures market than I ever thought possible! In the first 3 months of my trading with VantagePoint in October 2010 I started with $10,000 and in 3 months I had in my bank account more than $300,000! Thank you all so much for giving me direction and confidence in trading. Trading is now easy and a more secure way of making money! Once again THANK YOU VANTAGEPOINT!