Dear Fellow Trader,

If you are reading this review it means that you are considering buying VantagePoint and that you are looking for an independent assessment on its value and quality. I can anticipate all the questions you are posing to yourself as well as all the doubts that are currently weighting down your mind.  Does questions like “Is it really this accurate?” or “Is it worth the money” ring any bell to you?

Well, I did ask myself these kind of questions and, personally, I was not at all confident about the decision I was about to make.  VantagePoint is indeed an expensive product and the market is full of claims about silver bullet indicators, trading systems or the like.  Why should VantagePoint be any different?

As a matter of fact, it is.

You are not buying a trading system nor a software that makes trading decisions on your behalf.  You are buying an extraordinary tool that will help you evaluating the markets and will give you the necessary confidence to place your trades. Consider it as your personal financial advisor that guides you in the market arena. Make no mistakes.  Trading is not easy and it is not possible to be successful without adequate training, knowledge of technical analysis and the right mind set.  VantagePoint is not, and cannot be considered as, a substitute for these requirements.

Yet, VantagePoint, thanks to its intermarket analysis and proprietary forecasting indicators, gives you a real hedge in assessing market trends and price direction. I have been trading for quite a few years now and my track record had not been consistent which, as you can imagine, gave me a lot of frustration.  VantagePoint helped me reverse this annoying pattern and, thanks to it, I managed to increase considerably my success rate.

Given all the above, I would buy it again and, as a matter of fact, I have been adding markets and sectors. Of course, the choice is yours but I would definitely recommend the purchase.

I wish you all the success.

Trade well!

Fabio D.