I worked for many years in the USA in the Semiconductor Industry, Integrated Circuits Area, some of them products were used in the Space Program, (Apollo 11, 12 and 13). Yes, I was in Florida, relatively close to Mr. Mendelsohn and never knowing about him Chucks!! What a waste of time and opportunities! Now, late in life, I want to revive many of the opportunities I had when I made important monthly incomes in the States. So I went to the Internet searching for opportunities for retired people, to make a decent income. Mountains of offering arrived to my e mail from all kinds of Financial Gurus to get rich quick. I spent time and money in the last 2 year finding and searching for that Holy Grail. Nothing interesting occurred. So I decided to become a Spanish-English Translator. A free Lancer in the Internet. To practice translating, I enter blindly into “Books”, via Internet, to translate. I chose blindly any Books to practice translation. In one of those fishing trip, I stumbled into a book called Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis by Louis B. Mendelsohn. The Law of Attraction at work!! The rest is History. As soon I started reading I became hooked. Neural Networks and technology are very close to my heart. WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK AND TOOL. It took me to a brand new Universe of knowledge and most importantly, of opportunities. After reading the Book I was speechless and short of words to describe the Wonders of such invaluable TOOL. With such help, nothing will deterred me from success. And the offer to help me to gain important income got me all hooked and excited. This is a onetime blessing in your life. I bought VantagePoint because it is a very novel method of analysis utilizing Neural Networks. I used, previously, Analytic Tools (regressions, econometric analysis, etc), but they were not so reliable and there produced more mistakes than profits. My experience with the Support Personnel has been wonderful. The support provided by the Assistance Personnel, especially Mrs. Christine Pozefsky is invaluable. She provides a very helpful practical support with her explanations as clear as possible, characterized always for her kindness and patience. The Support Personnel understand that we are not experts, but with their help, we surely will be. VantagePoint is really easy, intuitive and user friendly. Although I am over 75 years young, the System and techniques had proved to me to be very practical and easy to understand. In addition, I found that V.P. and Trader Tech, Market Technologies, LLC are not only concerned with selling the Product. They are also providing the necessary support so you can go and grow in this Business Model, and have a reliable Source of Income. In fact, I’m beginning to earn more money with V.P. than with my dearest retired benefits. V.P. gives you a Reliable Compass to guide you in this Turbulent Ocean of Information that is the Financial Markets. For instances, the extremely helpful Predicted Range provided by the next Day PHigh – PLow, helps me to stay in safe territory. With this PRange and the protection provided by the stop loss orders, the profit can become quickly much larger than the losses. I am ready to Trade now with a Live Account. But using my Practice Account I was able to make the profits needed for the College Tuition of my younger son. In my Plans I need money for remodeling my House and to have a Super Duper Christmas Season. Ah, and New Year’s too. In a longer range Plan, to be able to help my children, to teach them and to a selected group of people to use VantagePoint to fill their dreams, to go back and enjoy USA, and to travel the nice Countries of this super interesting world. I also have a big and priceless debt to many of your advisor and technical support. They are so polite, instrumental, and supportive and have a lot of patience. People such as Gilbert Boavides and others and now my Relationship Account Manager and Instructor, the invaluable Mrs. Christine P, who is becoming fluent in Spanglish. With that super help, I will be a great warrior in the Financial Market, backed by all the wonderful and invaluable help provided by the advisers and tools of VantagePoint. I feel like VantagePoint is giving me a Stark Treck Space Ship, a USA ENTERPRISE, so I can conquer the Financial Universe. My challenge now is to learn, with your help, to become the best Captain of my financial world. And then, to teach to my family members, and a lot of selected group of friends to take advantage of VantagePoint. To go back to the States, to visit and thank personally VantagePoint People in Florida, to Mr. Mendelsohn, my advisors and my super teacher Mrs. Christine. Thank you so much for everything and at this time the best opportunity I have financially. Thank you so much!! So long.