I have been trading Forex and CFDs for more than 10 years. I started my trading career buying EAs (Robot software) to trade for me without any action from my side. But it didn´t worked since such EAs are using only one single strategy in all market conditions. With growing experience I began trading manually and the rate of my successful trades became better but it was still not good enough.

Then something happened in my life that I never expected: I purchased VantagePoint software after reading a lot about it in and other magazines. This software has been unbelievable as it has existed since the 1980s and is still successful during all market phases. Together with the help of David from the customer support I was deeply introduced to the software. He also supported me after the purchase whenever I needed it.

VantagePoint is really different compared to other software I tested in all the years. VantagePoint uses neural network and intermarket analysis to find me the best trading opportunities. Directly after using it the first time I made a nice trade (I am a swing trader) which covered half of my cost of the purchase. Needless to say, after this trade almost all my trades were extremely good (80% success rate!). I only use this software for my daily trading, nothing else. Thank you so much for this opportunity in my life!

With the profits made with trading with VantagePoint I bought a new BMW. Fantastic!