I have traded options in the equities market on and off for approximately twenty years but my results have been inconsistent. All too often I cut my profits short or even watched winners turn into losers, and my trading decisions were dictated by my emotions. In short, for me trading seemed to be a process of moving one step forward and then two steps back. When I first heard of VantagePoint, I was intrigued by the thought of harnessing the power of intermarket analysis, because I knew that doing so would provide me with the ability to assess market strength from a completely different perspective. When I started looking at VantagePoint I was impressed with how effective the program was at identifying buying and selling opportunities in the markets. I decided to purchase the software and can tell you that I have not been disappointed. Each evening, VantagePoint’s suite of proprietary indicators shows me an array of trading opportunities which offer the best probability of growing my account. Even more importantly, it has also helped me preserve my capital by keeping me out of trades which would have resulted in significant losses. VantagePoint is extremely simple to use and works the same in every market and has also given me the confidence to trade futures, which has opened an entirely new vista in my trading career. When it comes to trading there is no such thing as the Holy Grail, but VantagePoint is an extremely valuable tool which provides me with the insight to trade more profitably and consistently. Finally, kudos have to be offered to Paul, my Relationship Account Manager, who was always quick to answer questions and provide valuable feedback on the individual charts I brought to his attention. I look forward to using VantagePoint in the future. I know that I would not be comfortable trading in the markets without it.