Gary A Customer ReviewDuring the last part of 2007, I became concerned about the direction of the market. I found that the (so-called) number one money manager in the country had this great record in calling bear markets, so I moved my money with him. As the markets declined in 2008 I called the manager and asked: “Shouldn’t we go to cash?”. The reply was “If you go to cash now you will lose your money”. I accepted that because he was the expert. The market continued down and I called again and got the same answer. The markets continued to plummet but this time I didn’t bother to call. I just moved my money.

I ended up losing 25% but it would have been 40 to 50 % had I stayed. Later I found out that it doesn’t matter if a money manager is good at calling a bear market because I realized that I needed to manage my own money. I looked for books, training courses and trading platforms that could help me in my quest. I made progress but realized it took a lot of time to do the research.

That’s when I discovered VantagePoint. With VantagePoint Software, I have reduced my research time by about 90%. I can still do my personal research but with VP I only look at the best targets.

Gary A.