As an options investor I have had success and failure in the past and knew that I needed a more accurate method of predicting the direction of the short term markets. I purchased VantagePoint in October 2014 after speaking with a very knowledgeable salesperson. As a retired military officer with experience as a Quality Engineer and Statistician with the Department of Defense, I was immediately drawn to VantagePoint’s patented system which I knew could have a significant impact on placing calls and puts. My Relationship Account Manager, Ms. Lisa Alessio, was very helpful with the setup of my account and showing me how to evaluate the data from the VantagePoint software. It only took a week for me to know that this process would meet my trading needs. I want to thank Lisa Alessio who is a very competent and patient Relationship Account Manager. After just one month my results easily paid for the VantagePoint investment and increased my profits by 60.5%. I would compare using VantagePoint to playing blackjack. The data provided by the VantagePoint software is equivalent to counting cards when playing blackjack. The information and data you get can provide you with an edge, or minimize the House Advantage, but how you apply the results is still your call, which requires a very disciplined strategy for both purchases and sales.