I was very skeptical when I received the first call to discuss VantagePoint. I make a decent income but am far from rich and I have lost money on more than one occasion before. I spent several hours researching VantagePoint and at the end of the day, I believed the VantagePoint method could work. I felt this system would give me more control than my current method of selecting stocks. I am not a sophisticated trader so I don’t know much of the terminology and just wanted a simple system that would enable me to predict the trends so I could make better decisions about purchasing and selling stocks.

During the first month, I invested time every day learning how to use the software and eventually paper trading. I work with Holly as my mentor and she was a great resource as I learned the system and asked those stupid questions. I didn’t know what I didn’t know so having a mentor is key to the success. I made my first series of purchases using the software in early February 2017, a little more than a month after the first phone call. I made the second series of purchases a few day later. I am still holding a little over half of those stocks but have sold the others with an average gain of 3.8% and the others appear to be headed in the same direction. Considering my average days of ownership is about 6 days, that 3.8% gain translates to an annualized return of 149%. Using the software the way I was taught works without question.