I searched the internet for a software program that would give me more certainty on future trade movements and substantially reduce my guess work on which way a particular company stock movement is likely to go. In addition, I needed to be sure that after sales support was ongoing. Buying a U.S. software program when living in Australia, it was paramount to me, that I could get easy access to personal support and any guidance that I might need to use the software successfully and profitably. The VantagePoint website had many testimonials from other users which reassured me that this was the real deal, and 87.4% accuracy was far better than I was getting on a regular basis, and with nearing retirement, I needed to minimize losing trades and make some extra dollars for those overseas trips.

I took the plunge and bought the software. Everything they said would happen has. The software CD and instructions arrived in the mail to back up the online access to the software. The whole initiation process was very well done by phone calls from America to Brisbane taking me through the setup step by step. The ongoing support is amazing with regular telephone calls to check on my progress with doing trades and understanding what the software is telling me about predicting future stock trends. They would log into my computer and show me live how to use the program and what trades to look for.

While I am still a beginner with two months trading to look back on, I can see what mistakes I have made, but the successes are starting to make my goals achievable. Daily access to the website is easy, daily updating of the graphs makes it easy to see the stock trends and opportunities as they unfold but more importantly the predicting of the trend two or three days out gives you the huge advantage of being able to stay in a trade trend for that extra profit or get out to seek new trade opportunities.

The after sales professional support for this software is excellent and anyone thinking of buying this software can be assured that the people at VantagePoint will provide excellent support to make sure you become a successful user of their software.