I purchased VantagePoint software to develop my career as a professional trader. I took some time to understand the hidden power in the software. I am a day trader and I use P3EMA, P8EMA and P18 EMA as pivot values to select, enter and exit trades. With the help of VantagePoint I know where I am when the market opens so I can easily manage the trade. VantagePoint is a powerful software and 75 – 80% of time the predictions are correct and this is a good tool for serious traders. VantagePoint Customer Support team is very good to solve any issues (if they arise). VantagePoint Software helps me to select high probability trades and obtain pivot values in advance for next day’s trading. The charts and data are arranged systematically, so only need to spend 15 to 20 minutes to select trades and gather information for next day’s trading. I utilize half of my trading profits for charity purpose and the other half for my family living expenses.