Markets since the 2008 economic crisis have become vastly more volatile. To succeed as a trader in such tricky conditions would then mean to have an edge. VantagePoint is my edge. What clearly sets VantagePoint apart from other software is its startlingly accurate predictive analysis of interrelated markets. I applaud VantagePoint’s intermarket analysis feature because it trumps single-market analysis by giving me clarity in the direction of different markets. Together with its own indicators, the intermarket analysis feature has been bestowing me with better-priced entries and exits and a far more effective way of monitoring my trades. In a nutshell, VantagePoint has reduced the noise, confusion, uncertainty and augmented coherency, confidence and certainty. Losses down. Profits up. It is a successful and sleek product that works. Just days ago, I purchased yet more markets from VantagePoint. This also would not have happened if it had not been for my conscientious, dependable and affable Relationship Account Manager, Lisa who took note of markets I was interested in during a chance phone conversation and somehow managed to set me up with a great deal. Installation is incredibly easy too because the Technical Support Team is incredibly responsive and willing to help. Efficiency is a laudable trait in VantagePoint’s Customer Service. I am six months into using this software and it has exceeded my expectations. Clearly, I am trading with greater finesse, ease and pleasure. And VantagePoint has a key role in my success. My first encounter with VantagePoint, however, has been one of a more serendipitous nature than an intentional one. I happened to sign up for one of its demonstrations, received a call about the product that very same day, snapped up a sizeable number of markets and never looked back since. Perhaps success in trading does involve some luck!