VantagePoint has made my decision process easier to enter and leave positions. I have stopped “rooting” for companies and almost solely rely on the software and my financial evaluation of the companies I trade.  I look for a double bang- a strong or weak fundamental position plus what the software is saying.  The software keeps me out of trouble.

I do not look for a home run. I recognize that there will be losses, but they are now small on any one trade.

I rarely listen to anyone else’s advice. In fact, I love looking at the newsletters and seeing if the software is saying the opposite.

VantagePoint Software has worked well for me. It has been instrumental in being right on Tesla and metals such as Alcoa moving up and down during the last year. The software on two trades has made me more than $12,000. It was doing the opposite of what many were advising. That is good since I am not a large trader and and have only been using the software less than a month.

I was working on my own predictive systems and decided to try out yours. It is basically on the same track and has saved me a lot of time.