One of the difficult considerations in trading is determining the potential direction of the market on a daily basis. I purchased VantagePoint to assist me with determining the direction of the market. Each night, after the market closes, I run VantagePoint, which provides me the predictive high and low ranges of the next day. I have found the accuracy of the predictive ranges to be 80% or better. I am a new trader and I was initially concerned on how to use this predictive indicator with profitable trading strategies. VantagePoint provided tremendous support. I was impressed with the number of videos that VantagePoint showed me on using their predictive technology. The software was very easy to setup, and I began using the software quickly to make profitable trades. Customer Support is excellent. Someone always talked to me, called me back, or answered my emails quickly. I was overly impressed with the way that they wanted to make sure that I was successful utilizing VantagePoint. I would recommend this product to any trader that wants to use a predictive tool that will improve their trading accuracy and achieve solid results. As a new trader and using VantagePoint, I am much closer to achieving my goals of becoming a full-time Trader thanks to VantagePoint. Thanks VantagePoint for helping me succeed.