In 2009, at 56 years old, the economy threw me a curve. I needed something to supplement early social security and a small pension so I decided to try my hand at the market. I purchased another trading program and while it worked okay for long term trading, I found that with limited money long term wouldn’t make me enough profits to live on. The market swings were taking away any gains I struggled to make. Shortly after, I heard about VantagePoint and phone chatted with someone who demonstrated the software. I was impressed with VantagePoint and soon bought in. My Relationship Account Manager spent a few hours teaching me the ins and outs of the software and how it reads the market and projects trends based on algorithmic multi-day formulas. She offered some tutorial video links and investment videos links for public viewing. The charts were easy to read and study. Feeling confident, I purchased several additional sectors and started by what-if purchases. Then, leaving my nest-egg with qualified investors, I took some money to venture off on my own. Any and all questions I had were only a phone call away to either tech support or my Account Manager. The support was so helpful and never had a long delay before getting back to me. The lingo took me a while to catch, but visually, the Intelliscan feature would list stocks that filled my sort qualifiers and indicators would catch my eye, then a due diligence at my favorite stock market site for history, news and to see how the market is expected to perform that day. Although I am still wading in the pool, I have found varying success in both stocks and options based on the buy strategies I have learned using the VantagePoint. I am happy with the success my strategies have awarded me. I still have frustrations with those several hundred point swing days the market insists on doing, but as long as it is 3 steps forward and only 1 step backward, I’m good. I am happy that with VangtagePoint assisting me, I am making smarter market decisions.