I am a recent military retiree and have been trading with various levels of success for the last 20 years. I have been using the VantagePoint software for about 2 months now and will admit I was hesitant to try the VantagePoint software, as the cost was a significant expense for me. – I am using a MAC computer running Parallels and have not had any compatibility issues. Setting up Parallels on my computer was simple and the VantagePoint technical support set up the VantagePoint software for me at no additional cost. I cannot emphasize enough how easy this was! – In the two months I have been using the software I have recovered about 50% of the purchase cost and know the rest is not far off. This is impressive to me because I started using the software right as the 10% S&P 500 correction started in September. No problem, the only buy signals I received from the program were from the Short and Ultra Short ETFs. You can make money both directions in the market! – I used to spend hours agonizing over stock reports trying to find the perfect stock. Now I run the program, identify which stocks meet the buy criteria, identify my purchase price using the next day predicted high/low as a guide, and place my buy order. Knowing when to sell a stock is just as easy, just follow the indicator, and place your sell order. – Perhaps the most surprising aspect of buying the software to me was the level of customer support. When you purchase the software you will be assigned an account manager whose job is to ensure you are trained on how to use the software and answer any question you may have. In my case Holly has called me at least once a week for the last two months to ensure I am doing ok. – In closing, the weakest link in this methodology is not the program but me! Follow the easy rules and you will make money. Jim M., 18 Nov 2014