I purchased VantagePoint on a whim, venturing into the unknown universe of futures. Over the years I have come to personally know the support staff and they are more than just a company to me, they have become my friends. In all of my years, trading, nothing touches the customer service of VantagePoint, their crisp friendly voices are always a phone call away. Besides customer service however, the charting package that comes with VantagePoint is second to none. I can do my technical analysis exactly the way I want based on tomorrow’s forecast and come up with my own. VantagePoint has made me the trader I am today. Without VantagePoint’s candles, I would be lost – simple as that. Recently I bought all new carpets for my house thanks to VantagePoint… well, let’s just say my wife was happy…to say the very least. I am an electrician when I am not trading, there is always one tool I rely upon to get the job done right. It is my wire cutters, I haven’t got a clue what I would do without them, and I have thought about it many times. VantagePoint is the same, it is THE TOOL I use to get the job done right. Without VantagePoint cutting though the plastic and getting to the core of the situation, I couldn’t trade, I couldn’t do my job. I sometimes wonder to myself how people think they can trade by using the free software (free tools), vs quality, tried, tested, true? I wish to finish by saying this; my grandpa was a carpenter and plasterer. If his men came to work without their tools he would send them home and say a man is not a man without his tools I say the same for trading, VantagePoint is my omnitool.