When almost more than six months ago, I was rather disappointed that with my portfolio of stocks and funds, I didn’t make any specific profit and I was rather disappointed in the evolution of the market. I began to look at offered courses, which resulted in offerings of trading platforms and I still remember exactly the moment that I saw VantagePoint on my computer at home. I was convinced that it seemed rather professional, but I was hesitant to spend the money at that moment, and I decided to look further. After having examined other trading platforms via computer, and having tried a few free lessons, I was also not specifically interested. WHY NOT? These systems held a lot off uncertainties, not really to-the-point, and not really convincing for me to go ahead! Then I thought about the VantagePoint website and decided to have a look at it again. Luckily, at this moment there was a special offer, and this was moment that gave me the sign to try it! WHY DID I DECIDE TO TRY IT? It was very professional and with the offered savings it seemed like the perfect time, but I first had to CONVINCE MY WIFE, who was rather skeptical and not enthusiastic about it at all. Let me say I don’t have regrets with the decision I took! WHY DON’T I HAVE ANY REGRETS? The Customer Support is very good! VantagePoint is not really that difficult to learn and understand (although it is also in another language for me), it is very accurate and helps you to make the best trading decisions. It is a very powerful instrument and is worth every penny! In conclusion I would like to say that I earned my investment of almost $6,600 in a little over two months! My self-confidence is much higher now in hopes to become successful and to be able to use our profits to purchase a very nice, unique property in a country abroad thanks to the unique VantagePoint Software!