Just a quick note to update you on my progress with the use of VantagePoint software. When we spoke a few weeks ago I had been using VantagePoint for about a month with reasonable success, but I thought too many losing trades. During our discussion it became clear I was not as disciplined as the system required;  I too often allowed by emotions or sentiment towards a specific stock interfere with rigorous application of the criteria for investment.

Your “tough love” in pointing this out to me and reminding me to stick with the rules has finally sunk in and my winning trade percentage has improved.  Also, by carefully observing when conditions change from buy to sell and vise versa, I have often avoided overstay with a winning trade and took my profit before it was eroded away.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance while training me and for your coaching afterwards.  I am now really succeeding in my trading and I credit both the VantagePoint technology and your  personal attention to me.