Trading was a challenge for Kanwaljeet because he made the common trading mistake of trying to do too much too fast. But using VantagePoint for the last 10 years has allowed Kanwaljeet to stay out of choppy markets and increase his profitability!

Kanwaljeet was sucked in by trading but his lack of early success left him with a bad experience. One of the features that drew him to VantagePoint was the software’s intermarket analysis. This allowed Kanwaljeet to identify support, resistance levels and trends to have a more positive bottom line.

“After many years of struggling to find consistency, I’m much more constant and profitable,” said Kanwaljeet.

As an individual trader, Kanwaljeet felt that it was mandatory to have a tool that would help him succeed. With VantagePoint on his side, Kanwaljeet was able to ride a trade for 9 months, his best executed trade ever!

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