I spoke with the Sales Rep from VantagePoint in early-mid 2015. At the time I was using another neural net program (without any predictive analytics) with some level of success. But since I am a Business Intelligence professional in the software industry, I decided to perform a lot of research into VantagePoint the rest of the year. I ended up purchasing the software and paper tested it for a 2 months before I went live. The first two months I used the software for live trading, I had 16 out of 18 profitable trades. Last year, I had purchased a large amount of stock in a company which is now down 30%. Looking back in time with VantagePoint, had I owned the software, I would have seen that it clearly showed a down-turn a week prior to when I entered a long position into the trade even though my technical analysis and charts where showing a strong upward trend, as were analyst ratings. If I had VantagePoint then I would have entered a short position and made a lot of money. Two weeks ago, I entered two trades on my gut feeling because I didn’t have time to look at VantagePoint. I lost money over the course of two days before I was stopped out. I looked at VantagePoint later and it clearly showed a down-trend on both stocks several days prior to me taking the trade. The software is not a silver bullet, you need to put in place a strong money management and trading strategy along with it. However VantagePoint provides the predictive tools, it is what you do with those tools which will determine your success or failure with the product. If you are looking for a fortune teller to tell you what to do without putting any work into learning everything you can about the product and the Intermarket Analysis it provides, then you are wishing for a product which will never exist. If you follow strict a money management and trading strategy, you will make more money with VantagePoint than you will lose. It is costly, but they have to pay for top-notch employees in sales, customer service and support, all of which I have found to be excellent. You don’t have to send an email and wait for support, you can call up and get it anytime you need it. You can call up with questions or for ideas on how to do things and you will get a live person who knows the product and knows the market. You will pay more for any product for a company which will stay in business for the long haul and provide unparalleled customer and technical support. You will also earn back the money spent on the product sooner or later, depending on how frequently you trade. I wish I purchased VantagePoint sooner than I did because I would have made a lot more money than the software costs if I had in just one trade. I will also never trade on a gut feeling again or listen to analysts who have no incentive to provide you with truthful information (there are winners and losers in the stock market and the analysts want to be on the winning side of the trade). I will always consult VantagePoint first and use their other tools as confirmation before entering into any trade in the future. Do yourself a favor, if you have been thinking about purchasing the software, but have been on the fence, pull the trigger and buy the software. VantagePoint customer service will help you become successful with the software.