I started trading equities in 2008 right after the whole financial crisis happened and there was a lot of volatility in the market. Trades were easy because large cap companies would have steep declines and all I did was buy at the 52 week lows and would sell it the next day when the equities would jump 40% to even 100% in a few hours into the next trading day. For example, I remember buying HIG when it dropped 90% in one day and I went all in with $8,000 and I double my trading account on that single trade. Eventually, when I realized that I had reach my short term goal of building enough capital for the down payment on my home (80K) I decided to not risk anymore money in the market. I cashed out my trading account and bought my first home with my profits. I decided to get back into investing in August of this year (2014) with a different approach. I wanted to be able to trade whether the market was going up, down, or sideways and VantagePoint gives me the ability to do just that. With all the technical indicators that VantagePoint has, it allows me to set my entry and exit points in my trades and I don’t have to worry about having to check my trading account constantly. I’ve averaged about 5-10% returns on each trade since using VantagePoint. As a pharmacist, I don’t have time to check on the market frequently so I rely on VantagePoint’s IntelliScan to help me identify equities that are changing direction and I do my research on those opportunities identified and set up my trade so that I can maximize my profits. Joyce and Jason provide me with FIRST CLASS technical and customer account support because I have never used a software to help me with my investments. Joyce ensured that I understood how to implement the software into my trading strategy and is very friendly and professional. And Jason helped me with the installation process remotely while I was working and also helped me to reinstall VantagePoint on my MacBook Pro after my PC crashed. It’s a total bargain because you will make your money back 100 times over. But the best part of the VantagePoint experience is the exceptional level of customer service that they provide. I called Joyce about 10 times during my first week and she was very patient with me and helped me understand each chart and how to identify great trading opportunities to get my positions in. Thanks VantagePoint!!! You are the Best!!!