I’m probably the biggest procrastinator when it comes to purchasing the VantagePoint software. I looked at the software a few years back and decided that I didn’t need that type of support and predictive indicators. After losing untold thousands of dollars by not being able to get into a position at the right time or always been a day or so late in getting out of a position I decided it was time to do something different. That’s when VantagePoint called. The timing was right and I was definitely ready to stop losing money and start making some money either daytrading or position trading. At this point I thought anything would be better than the way I have been going. The support is outstanding they will help you set up your portfolios, and walk you through the software so that you feel like you’ll be able to use VantagePoint to your style of trading. The support will help you out on a daily basis if you need them and give you training so you feel comfortable using the software yourself. So if you’re on the fence or just up to the fence I would highly encourage you to jump on over the fence and and get started right away.