I’m a fairly new full-time trader from the UK and came across VantagePoint randomly while searching for some information on a financial website. Carrinne called me the next day and introduced me to the system. I was skeptical and worried about purchasing the software giving that I’m based in UK however Carrinne managed to overcome my objections and before I realized I had software installed on my laptop. My Relationship Manager Josh is just great and most helpful and I’m so thankful for his patience, guidance and support. He always makes sure that I understand everything on our 1-2-1 meetings and answers all my questions. The company has a free phone number even if you are calling from abroad so there is always someone to answer your query. I find it just brilliant. There is one very important thing about the software which is, you have to give yourself time to understand it properly and then the sky is the limit. So far I’ve been using VantagePoint for nearly 3 months and my focus is mainly on Forex and Commodity. All I can say is that all my trades are based on VantagePoint data and I couldn’t have asked for more. In the future I will look into stocks too. It’s just great that there is someone out there, passionate about markets with one goal, to help you be more successful with your trades.