I had started trading stock after the crash in 2008 and have been very lucky because I was in the right place at the right time to gobble up amazing deals that did not require me to have any kind of specialized knowledge of the market. It was extremely easy to make money because I was buying at the very bottom of the market and I was doing great. That however did not and could not last forever and over the last two to three years I have found myself struggling more and more to find the good deals and companies to invest in. I have been actively looking at ways to help me process the myriad of confusing and hypnotic amount of data that can be associated with the stock market on a daily basis. What I was looking for was a tool that was easy to use and could help me understand the highly technical numbers that are generated daily. VantagePoint has fulfilled this requirement for me. It has all the markers laid out in an easy to understand and orderly fashion that allows me to make informed judgments as to whether to hold on to a certain stock or to sell it. I truly have been impressed with the new information it has been able to give me. I was not planning on becoming a day trader but with the precision information that VantagePoint has been able to provide me I find myself eagerly waiting for the start of the next days trading session to place my next trades. Then at the end of the day I download the data for the next days trading and within about 30-45 min I am set and ready to start all over again. This is only half the story though. This software would not be as useful without the amazing support staff that makes VantagePoint such an effective tool. My Relationship Account Manager, Lisa has proven to be an absolute knowledge base and has gone way far out of her way to insure I understand every aspect of the software and insure that I am an a successful trader. No question has ever gone unanswered and her ability to explain the different concepts and techniques associated in the software has been remarkable. She always is on top of any new updates or issues and makes sure I have all of my questions and concerns answered no matter how long it takes. Between Lisa and the Technical team, especially, Jason H., I have always been very satisfied.