The choice of buying the software VantagePoint is due to the fact that it was made on the basis of the applications of neural and intermarket analysis. As a student and researcher of economics I know that forecasting models based only on technical analysis have no scientific basis. In the first few months of using the software, I notice that VantagePoint gives you a scenario of very specific direction on which to operate both in the short term and medium term. The predictors are quite accurate and Phigh and Plow are very good. The staff of VantagePoint is one of the strengths of the product. They succeeded in a few weeks to transfer the knowledge to use the software properly. Even though I do not speak English well the staff was always friendly and helpful with me. They understand the horizon of my operation and have always provided useful tips to make optimal use of the software. I love traveling so I’ll use the profits for travel. One of the places I want to visit is Florida where I’ll spend a month’s vacation next year. Using VantagePoint becomes quite easy with the help of the staff that is very high level.