When my husband and I got married ten years ago, we were both heavily into dividend stocks. We were making enough money to live the way we wanted to live, but the party was over when the recession started. Dividends were cut and the stocks fell. We were seeing nothing but red when we looked at our brokerage accounts at the end of the trading day. We decided to try a broker to look after our accounts, but that didn’t work out. We were expected to invest all our money in growth stocks and bonds which I’m sure were safe, but it didn’t give us any money to live on. Growth stocks at ages 84 and 88 don’t make much sense either.

Then, one day I got a call from John at VantagePoint. What he told me and showed me on a chart convinced me to give it a try and I am so glad I did! I wondered if I was capable of learning the procedure but with the help of the wonderfully patient and knowledgeable staff we both learned to make money.

Now it is seldom I see red on my stock account ( yes it does happen) but we both have come out far ahead. I don’t worry about our future finances now. In case of a downward market VantagePoint shows me how to make money by shorting the market.

I am so very grateful to John who convinced me there was a better way and to Heather, Carly, Chris and others who have helped us along the way to financial security. Thank you!

Naomi C.