I’m not sure if I can write a brief testimonial on VantagePoint. For years I was a mutual fund investor until I discovered what everyone was telling me was true – in most cases they under perform the market. I resolved that I could do better and started buying individual equities suggested by several online newsletters, free and subscription based. I had been using technical analysis for years and was convinced it was the way to make consistent profits. VantagePoint allows me to do that with hundreds of equities and very easily. After being shown how I could enter and exit positions for greater profitability I overcame the price and started using it. My goal is to increase my savings to allow my wife to retire earlier and we are getting closer every month. VantagePoint is helping in that effort. I use it to find positions to research based on signals provided by the software. I look forward to the daily feed to discover new positions to research and potentially enter a long position to hold. During my introductory period I found a trade that is now at the top of my portfolio’s performance with a gain of just under 40% in less than two months. Using the IntelliScan feature I can easily pinpoint trades that are promising with very little effort. After doing the due diligence I make a decision with the tools available in VantagePoint. With the wealth of information provided I’ve been motivated to discover the use of the different indicators and I’ve honed my skills. For a new investor in the equities market this product is also a great learning tool. It’s a great product! The customer support has been great and my Relationship Account Manager has pointed me to new and better ways to invest my hard earned money.