Rendy had created a firm foundation of trading stocks and equities for years. But with the help of VantagePoint, he’s slowly jumped into the futures markets and seen superior results! Using the numerous features VantagePoint provides users, including the predictive indicators, Rendy can narrow in on the best trades earlier and stay in longer, increasing his profits.

“In the past I’ve taken the quick profit and then watched it zoom up and I could have had a better return. Now I can use VantagePoint to stay in the trade longer,” said Rendy.

Now Rendy won’t even consider a trade that isn’t in his VantagePoint library and feels lost when he’s referred to a stock that he hasn’t looked at in VantagePoint. The easy-to-use interface allows him to be more efficient with his time, allowing for less time on his computer and more time attending San Francisco Giants games or volunteering in his community without worrying about missed opportunities to make money!

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