Just wanted to confirm in writing my thoughts on VantagePoint Software and the organization that makes this product possible. As I mentioned to you, I’ve tried (purchased) several software systems in the recent past, and they all seem to have the same MO. Talk a good game but produce nothing of substance.

I wanted to tell you of the experience I’ve had with you and Vantage Point. First (and probably most important), you treat me with respect by always keeping your promises to meet, train and explain the product when you said you would. That might seem like a low bar to hurdle, but for me it was great. I even tried the email support on issues I was having, and the person responded right away with all my questions answered and issue solved. Again that doesn’t seem like much, but its huge to me.

I’m still learning to trade with the software, but I can say that its just what I’m looking for, and I’m in the black on my few trades.

In the months and years ahead, I hope to be one of your mega-success stories and I would be proud to share that with you.

Thanks just doesn’t seem enough some how, so I say God Bless to you and the whole Vantage Point organization. Go Shriners!